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Benjamin's Biography

Benjamin developed an interest in psychotherapy and other areas of personal growth through his own personal treatment starting in his twenties

Benjamin has had a varied and interesting life. He was arguably the child of misfortune and privilege, born into a wealthy family and losing his mother at eleven-months old. These factors significantly influenced his early and adult development.

The combination enabled Benjamin to develop his personal and professional skills. In his twenties he sought help for emotional issues and was able to spend the time and money necessary to really explore what was wrong with him.

Benjamin studied physics and philosophy at Oxford University and after a career in business studied psychotherapy at Regent's College in London. Much of what he has learned though has come through his own experiences in therapy and treatment.

He wrote the book "What's Wrong With You" and the eponymous column in The Saturday Times Body & Soul section. He recorded the follow-up audio book "How to be Happy" for Hachette Audio and pioneered Psychologies magazines' regular feature Fast Therapy which recorded live a session with a reader.

He was the co-presenter of the BBC's groundbreaking and long-running "Spendaholics" series on BBC3 in which he helped over-spenders by getting to the root of their deeper psychological problems.

He was a member of the Center for Social Justice's commissions for early years development and family law review writing for these publications. He also contributed to their commission on mental health and continues to consult closely with them.

In 2010 Benjamin set up the social enterprise Get Stable to help get more people in the UK access to effective state-funded Talking Therapy. He lobbies government and the professions to co-operate better for the needs of the many who go untreated.

Benjamin has a private practice in Knighstbridge where he does individual and group work. In 2011 he set up the residential clinic Khiron House to treat trauma in the UK after his own recovery from a very serious mental illness and treatment in Arizona.

He offers a unique service in mental health The Recovery Bond. This case management service from crisis to full quality-of-life recovery is designed for serious mental health conditions, personality disorders and addictions.

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