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Benjamin Fry

Psychotherapist, author and broadcaster

Benjamin works across a range of services and media using personal, professional and scientific expertise to help people to a baggage-free life

Benjamin founded Khiron House which provides cutting edge mental health treatment at his Harley Street day clinic and at his Oxfordshire residential clinic.

He is a social activist in mental health. He founded Get Stable in 2010 to get effective treatment paid for by the state. His great passion is to bring treatment, which works, to all levels of society and across all severities of conditions.

Benjamin's background is in psychotherapy and his work is informed by his own journey through treatment. His painful recovery from serious mental illness is the basis for his understanding of the field.

His search for effective help resulted in an in-depth knowledge of the causes of mental health conditions, personality disorders and addictions. He understands the science behind the myth of mental illness, and he knows what the treatment options are.

He contributes on the subject of mental health to the media and is most well known for his television work for the BBC on their long-running series Spendaholics. He is a published author and has written columns for The Times and Psychologies.

The recovery bond