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Private Consultations

Benjamin has a private practice in Harley Street

Benjamin can see you for an individual consultation which will form the basis for a personally tailored recommended treatment plan.

Your consultation will be a complete diagnostic and educational session to understand how your history relates to your current problems. This helps you to agree what to do about them.

If you want continued support you can follow up with one-hour sessions as required or join a group. If your symptoms are severe or persistent Benjamin may recommend a stay at Khiron House as part of your treatment plan.

Benjamin's consultations are in Harley Street, London and cost £400 for the initial two-hour consultation. Thereafter ad hoc one-hour follow-up sessions are £200.

Face-to-face contact is preferred but Benjamin is able to offer consultations via Skype for those people who are unable to get to London to see him and who have a fast and reliable internet connection.

You can book Benjamin online via the box on the right or contact us to arrange a booking. Appointments are not confirmed until paid for. Please also note our 48-hour cancellation policy.

If you have any questions about Benjamin's consultations please read the faq.

Book Benjamin

Book Benjamin

Book by phone or email. Initial sessions are £400 and follow-up sessions £200.

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Support Groups

Benjamin's Groups

Benjamin runs weekly trauma recovery support groups at his Harley Street practice.

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Pay Online Now

Pay Online Now

Please pay for your session online. Appointments are not confirmed until paid for.