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Corporate Work

Benjamin provides strategic and media support, and consultations and seminars for corporate clients

Benjamin works principally in two ways with corporate clients; as a resource and support for PR campaigns and by going into companies or organisations and working directly with their staff on strategy and professional development.

Benjamin can comment on research either at the conceptual and/or commissioning stage and provide colour and context for the results. He is an experienced media expert and can support you with live television and radio interviews.

Inside your business or organisation Benjamin can present a seminar to help you to work more easily towards your collective goals. He will work with you to design the most effective format and presentation for you.

Benjamin has worked with a number of major European companies and government organisations both on media campaigns and delivering seminars and consultations.

If you think Benjamin can help you please get in touch to discuss your needs and for information on availability and pricing.

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Benjamin has many examples of his work with the media available right here online.

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