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In Person

Consultations, Groups and Khiron House

Benjamin works with individuals and groups at his Knightstbridge practice and at his residential clinic Khiron House.

At his Knightstbridge private practice Benjamin can see you for an individual consultation which will form the basis for a personally tailored recommended treatment plan.

Your consultation will be a complete diagnostic and educational session to understand how your history relates to your current problems. This helps you to agree what to do about them.

Benjamin runs trauma recovery support groups in Knightstbridge which are highly recommended as an effective adjunct to your individual work and will help you to build a recovery community for extra support.

For more severe symptoms or persistent conditions a stay at Khiron House may be recommend as part of the continuum of care of an overall treatment plan.

Benjamin offers an ultimate level of care called The Recovery Bond, a case management service from crisis to full quality-of-life recovery. It is uniquely offered on a 'get well or don't pay' basis.

He also gives expert advice and seminars to corporate clients to help them to formulate strategies and to motivate staff. Benjamin has worked with many major UK corporate, media and government clients.

Benjamin in the media