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Benjamin's book "What's Wrong With You" explains the basis for his earlier work in the media. He also contributes to newspapers and magazines

Benjamin's book was published in 2005. Since then it has attracted a loyal following of delighted readers. You can read the reviews at amazon.co.uk or download a sample chapter here and see what you think for yourself.

"What's Wrong With You" explains in simple logical steps what is happening in the awareness of all human beings in terms of who they really are, how they think and therefore how they experience the world and feel about their life.

Benjamin contributed to a major series in Psychologies Magazine. Readers volunteered to have sessions with Benjamin and to share the contents with a journalist for a major series in the magazine. It was a rare window into how Benjamin helps people in his one-to-one consultations.

He also writes occasional articles in the national press. Check the archive and his blog for his latest work.

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Benjamin's acclaimed self-help book What's Wrong With You. Buy online from Amazon.

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Download the first chapter of Benjamin's book here. Ask him about it in his forum.

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Benjamin's archive keeps his articles and some video clips of his favorite television work.

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