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Client testimonials

These unsolicited client testimonials have been anonymised and can be verified on request

“Thank you for the consultation today, I really feel like a weight had been lifted after all these years”

Sally, 43, Leicestershire

“I could go on and on but for now just know that I appreciate it immensely and firmly believe my life will improve as a result of seeing you”

Clive, 24, Fleckney

“I feel you have given me a key and now it is up to me to open that box and get my feelings sorted out once and for all”

Andrea, 36, Ibstock

“Thank you for such an interesting session yesterday I have started to discover stuff about myself I never really understood”

David, 48, Coventry

“Please tell Benjamin that I greatly appreciated his insightful comments and that I´ll take everything to heart”

Dr Brenda, 34, Kent

“The session also served as a great chance for self-reflection and forward-planning, which I found most useful”

Kevin, 42, Cambridge

“I wanted to thank you sincerely for the consultation, I left with so much more than I expected”

Clive, 24, Fleckney

“I wanted to say that Tuesday morning was immensely helpful”

Kaye, 19, Nottingham

“My action plan has energised me significantly in many areas”

Shelley, 22, Wrexham

“I think you have an approach and a logic that is clear, uncomplicated, empathic, and results focussed”

Stacey, 32, Devon

“Even in just two days I have begun to feel differently and look at everything from another perspective”

Andrea, 36, Ibstock

“Thank you for the quality of the discussion we had and the insight you have given me into myself”

Graham, 21, Uxbridge

“I was very impressed by Benjamin´s ability to retain and interpret information I gave within the session so precisely and perceptively”

Kevin, 42, Cambridge

“It was an amazing experience to have a consultation with you (despite the fact that, as I realised later, I had given up any hope of ever being helped)”

Polly, 29, Wheatley

“I'm now keeping a journal. I'm feeling very positive for the first time in years”

John, 32, Woodstock

“I recently bought and read your book and whilst doing the exercises I saw the answer to everything that was wrong with me and my life and understood finally what was happening”

Louise, 29, Basingstoke

“At 28 my life can now begin, I have the confidence to sort out the mess I have got myself in but also feel full of hope for the future - at last!”

Louise, 28, Basingstoke

“If it wasn't for Benjamin's help initially I would have just thought of myself as a lost cause and given up a long time ago”

Amanda, 29, Armitage

“Just to say thanks - the things you say make a lot of sense to me and I'm glad that I know that what I feel is normal”

Stacey, 34, London

“I feel now as if I understand a great number of things which have happened in my life to date which previously I could not put words to and it is a huge relief”

Polly, 29, Wheatley

“I feel so much better since the session and the whole experience!”

Leah, 22, London

“I just want to say thank you for the session I had with you. I took heed of the challenges you gave me... thank you very much for your time and wisdom”

Sandra, 45, London

“I have purchased both your audio books on iTunes and have found them very helpful. It has helped identify some issues to work through and has helped me understand some of my behaviour in the past”

Derek, 37, Croyden

“I think that at age 48 I have finally realised I can enjoy life and do what I want. I suppose that is called freedom! The sense of relief that this has brought me is immense”

Brian, 48, Hastings

“It was an amazing experience to have a consultation with you. I feel now as if I understand a great number of things which have happened in my life to date and it's a huge relief”

Joanna, 39, Painton

“Your book is the best book I've ever read, and I've read pretty much every self help book going! I am so happy that I now know what's wrong with me!”

Barbara, 54, Rugby

“Very impressive - authentic and insightful. Great stuff”

Tony, 44, Wirral

“I am watching Spendaholics on ABC2 in Australia and have just watched the episode with Matthew. I found it very helpful”

Derek, 23, Brisbane

“In each case you took on produced insights that really spoke to me; and watching these examples of people I've never met made it easier to view myself and my behaviours from a distance”

Aaron, 29, Thirsk

“I read Benjamin's book in one sitting. It made me cry but please let him know that I am grateful and thankful that he's written it, and so beautifully!”

Ami, 32, Bristol

“I already know what's wrong with me thanks to your book. Your insight has left me absolutely gob smacked, but very, very relieved. You are a genius. I cannot thank you enough”

Barbara, 54, Rugby

“I have been searching for answers for the last 16 years. The book is logical and simple - it's made a lot of things so clear for me personally”

Ami, 32, Bristol

“Thanks for being so funny and informative all at the same time”

Donna, 23, Leeds

“I have been reading his books this last few months and can honestly say they have changed and are still changing my life but also my close friends and family's lives. He is such an inspiration”

Elle, 28, Coventry

“I found it a valuable experience and it left me wanting more”

Hazel, 38, Whitstable

“I found our session yesterday so helpful the more I think about what you said the more it makes sense”

Jenny, 19, Suffolk

“Many thanks for the consultation last Thursday, I'm sure that it was clear to you that I found it invaluable”

John, 49, Essex

“I found our session yesterday so helpful the more I think about what you said the more it makes sense, I already had two childhood memories come back to me last night that previously I had no recollection of”

Erica, 23, Croyden

“I feel a huge sense of relief after our session yesterday - just told a close friend of mine about it and feel that it was a big step towards coming to terms with a lot of issues in my life”

Pam, 54, Barnes

“My consultation with you was worth every penny.”

Terri, 42, Croyden

“It's fantastic to be doing what I want. Following my chats with you, I'm also more self-aware when dealing with the issues that come up. You really made some of the pieces in the jigsaw fall into place. Thank you”

Cheryl, 47, Suffolk

“I was completely lost before I came to see you, now I feel found. I wish you all the best with your work. I will be eternally grateful for those two hours that changed my life”

Rachel, 38, South Africa

“When I left yesterday, it was like a weight had been removed from my shoulders. My husband said it was the first time he had seen me smile in a long time. Thanks very much - I really appreciate it”

Areil, 37, Cheam

“The two hours I spent with you had a profound and lasting effect on me. Thank you for your support and helping me to enter into a new chapter of my life”

Maureen, 56, Durham

“Please tell Benjamin Fry that he is a genius when it comes to understanding people and why they think and behave in certain ways.”

Terry, 29, Wrexham

“I watch Spendaholics and I really admire how Benjamin unpicks the root to every individual who comes onto the programmes mind.”

Terry, 29, Wrexham

“You saved my life. I listened to you and without help here (my consultant told me i would become sick again) I ploughed ahead determined to get recovery and I have. It is truly a miracle.”

Marie, 59, Dublin

“How can i ever thank you... I can only hope you appreciate that you gave me the tools to turn my life around and live not die, which looked like my only option a year ago.”

Marie, 59, Dublin

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